Thursday, November 21, 2013

TLex Suite 2013 released - free upgrade available

TLex Suite 2013, tlTerm 2013 (Standalone), tlCorpus 2013 (Standalone) and tlDatabase 2013 are now available. There are over 150 new features and improvements.

All users have been upgraded free to version 2013. (See 'how to upgrade' below.)


• We'd like to hear from you what are the main new features or other improvements you'd like to see from us - please complete our customer survey:

Looking Ahead: Version 2014

• Upgrades will remain free for the upcoming version 2014

• We have many new features on the cards for version 2014, including 'edit-in-Preview' functionality, LanguageTool spellchecker integration, and much more. Other ideas in the pipeline include possible 'cloud' multi-user editing or 'instant online' dictionary publishing services with our TLex Online platform. Watch the ChangeLog, or follow our blog, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

Need a Custom Feature?

• We gladly add new features on request, and regularly do so for our customers (this is typically quoted at our hourly programming rate). One of our strengths is our rigorous automated software build and test processes that allow a potentially fast turn-around time for integrating requested changes - for small feature additions, it can theoretically be as quick as 24 hours from request of feature, to being in the official release and on the customer's "desk"! So contact us for a quote if there's anything, big or small, you'd like added.

• Just a reminder we also offer paid support. Pre-paid 'support packs' can be purchased on our website.

Free tutorial videos are also available on our website, and we also offer paid training via the Web or on-site.

How to Upgrade

• To upgrade, use 'Help / Check for updates' from within the software and follow the instructions, or download the latest via the 'Downloads' section of our website. (As always, back up your data first.)

• License Numbers will work for both v2012 (or earlier) and v2013. If you already have v2012 installed, you can upgrade without re-activating.

• Version 2013 remains backwards-compatible with all previous releases going back to version 1, so no users have been 'left behind' - all users can update to version 2013.

Survey: Tell us what to do ...

We request our customers, other users of our software or services, or just anyone with an interest, to please fill in our brief customer / user survey:

Tell us what features you'd like to see added to our software! Tell us what else we're doing right, or wrong. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Attention Apple Mavericks Users

If you are using TLex, tlCorpus, tlTerm or tlDatabase on the new Apple "Mavericks", we would like to draw your attention to the following issue that you may encounter:; the bug is seemingly in Apple Mavericks itself (not in our software), and the workaround for now is to disable "Cover Flow mode" in Finder (the issue only occurs if you are using Cover Flow mode). Windows users are not affected.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tutorial Video: Auto-sorting Subentries in TLex

New tutorial video: (Note you'll need to update your software to the very latest to try this).

This new functionality is also applicable to tlTerm and tlDatabase.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Showcase: CD-ROM of the National Terminology Database for Irish

TshwaneDJe did the software development for the CD-ROM version of the National Terminology Database for Irish.
“The software can be run directly from the CD-ROM or installed on your computer. It enables you to search a copy of the terminology database while offline ... there is also a plug-in for ... Microsoft Word. This plug-in searches the CD-ROM automatically for terms which are typed or selected in a Word document.

• Bilingual interface
• Fast and powerful search that can deal with inflected forms, minor spelling errors, whole words or parts of words, single-word or multi-word terms, and more
• Alphabetical listing of terms
• Microsoft Word integration on Windows
• Runs from the CD-ROM or installable to hard drive
• Easy to update”
This was created using our Electronic Dictionary Publishing platform, which has also been used to create other products such as the Oxford South African School Dictionary CD-ROM, and we'll be announcing more new products in the near future created using this platform.

If you are interested in publishing your dictionary or terminology electronically and affordably, contact us.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Longman-HAT Language Portal Website

We're pleased to announce the addition of the recently launched Longman-HAT language portal website (and online publishing / content platform) to our development portfolio.

The website features online dictionaries, games and activities, downloadable worksheets and activities for teachers for the classroom, crossword puzzles, a user-contributed photo gallery, videos, and much more new content being added regularly. Please feel free to explore the site. The website is available in both English and Afrikaans.

From the site: "It is with great pleasure that we introduce our new website to all who love language – a growing collection of dictionaries that you can refer to online, right here on your computer, tablet or cellphone. Plus: a language portal with all kinds of surprises and interesting features, especially for Afrikaans and English teachers, for learners and for every language lover."

Contributors and editors to the website include leading language specialists such as Dr Herman Beyer, Prof Rufus Gouws, Jana Luther, Tom McLachlan, Fred Pheiffer, Dawid van Lill and Marina van Lill.

The TLex dictionary authoring software and TLex online dictionary publishing system are being used for the online dictionaries, with the TLex "instant-publishing" functionality: New dictionary content updates can be published straight to the website by Pearson from within TLex, with just a few clicks.

Online Dictionaries []

Online Dictionaries []

Main Page []

Longman-HAT Website in Afrikaans []

Games and Activities []

Games and Activities []

Games and Activities []

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Software Tutorial Videos

Just a reminder to our users, free online tutorial videos are available for our software. (We've also recently added high-quality versions that can be downloaded for offline viewing or distribution here.)

Feel free to distribute these as widely as you like.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bagrut Lexicon - EFL Learner's Dictionary

The Bagrut Lexicon (by Geoff Toister, of GT-Lex) is a unique new EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learner's dictionary in which the entries are linked to practice exercises, on each pair of adjacent pages.
“Bagrut Lexicon is a 2,000 word EFL learner’s dictionary with all entries linked to sets of practice exercises. The words have been selected from a corpus of matriculation-level reading comprehension texts while the thought-provoking exercises are easy enough to ensure that most learners will complete them successfully. Bagrut Lexicon expands vocabulary, provides classroom-centered activities and is ideal for independent study. It may be ordered online from
The dictionary was created with our TLex Dictionary Compilation Software.
Bagrut Lexicon - EFL Learner's Dictionary (Dictionary on Left Pages, Exercises on Right)

Monday, March 11, 2013

List of latest software improvements (changelog)

Just a reminder to our software users that you can always keep up to date on the latest new features and improvements to the software at our changelog, we suggest you check now and again.