Thursday, November 21, 2013

TLex Suite 2013 released - free upgrade available

TLex Suite 2013, tlTerm 2013 (Standalone), tlCorpus 2013 (Standalone) and tlDatabase 2013 are now available. There are over 150 new features and improvements.

All users have been upgraded free to version 2013. (See 'how to upgrade' below.)


• We'd like to hear from you what are the main new features or other improvements you'd like to see from us - please complete our customer survey:

Looking Ahead: Version 2014

• Upgrades will remain free for the upcoming version 2014

• We have many new features on the cards for version 2014, including 'edit-in-Preview' functionality, LanguageTool spellchecker integration, and much more. Other ideas in the pipeline include possible 'cloud' multi-user editing or 'instant online' dictionary publishing services with our TLex Online platform. Watch the ChangeLog, or follow our blog, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

Need a Custom Feature?

• We gladly add new features on request, and regularly do so for our customers (this is typically quoted at our hourly programming rate). One of our strengths is our rigorous automated software build and test processes that allow a potentially fast turn-around time for integrating requested changes - for small feature additions, it can theoretically be as quick as 24 hours from request of feature, to being in the official release and on the customer's "desk"! So contact us for a quote if there's anything, big or small, you'd like added.

• Just a reminder we also offer paid support. Pre-paid 'support packs' can be purchased on our website.

Free tutorial videos are also available on our website, and we also offer paid training via the Web or on-site.

How to Upgrade

• To upgrade, use 'Help / Check for updates' from within the software and follow the instructions, or download the latest via the 'Downloads' section of our website. (As always, back up your data first.)

• License Numbers will work for both v2012 (or earlier) and v2013. If you already have v2012 installed, you can upgrade without re-activating.

• Version 2013 remains backwards-compatible with all previous releases going back to version 1, so no users have been 'left behind' - all users can update to version 2013.

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  1. Hi, I have already started using tLex to compile an English-Zulu comprehensive dictionary, however I have noted that tLex does not have the option of either embedding or uploading images on my new dictionary.