Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Notice for ODBC Users of TLex, tlTerm and tlDatabase

To users of TLex, tlTerm or tlDatabase using ODBC with PostgreSQL: It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest Windows PostgreSQL ODBC driver:

This driver (version "09_03_03" 17 May 2014) incorporates a fix (that we implemented and submitted to the PostgreSQL developers) for a reliability issue that may occur if you are working on an unreliable network (e.g. periodic network disconnects, or high packet loss).

We also recommend ODBC users upgrade to the very latest version of TLex (or tlTerm etc.), as we have been working on many improvements to make it more robust on unreliable networks.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Tutorial Video: Filter (F5) "Node intersection" Mode (TLex, tlTerm, tlDatabase)

A new tutorial video is available:

This describes the basic Filter (F5) 'modes', in particular', the recently introduced 'Node intersection' mode.

This applies to TLex, tlTerm, and tlDatabase.