Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TshwaneLex on the Mac - First (Development) Screenshot

It's still very preliminary, but here's the first screenshot of our internal 'in-development' TLex running on the Mac!

We are aiming for the Mac version to be formally available during August or September. (In the meantime, users with Parallels or Crossover can also already use the Windows version on Mac.)

Monday, July 27, 2009

TshwaneLex Suite 4.0 Released

Well, it's official ... version 4.0 is out. Formal press release here, duplicated below.

July 27, 2009: TshwaneDJe announces the release of TshwaneLex Suite 4.0

[Diccionario integral del español de la Argentina Sample]Version 4.0 of the standard-setting TshwaneLex dictionary production and termbase software is now available, and has many new features:

  • Smart Styles - This powerful new feature allows you to create rules of any imaginable complexity to dynamically alter the appearance of fields under different conditions (e.g. different automatic punctuation in front of a field depending on which field precedes it, or automatic highlighting of the most frequent headwords in a different colour).

  • Microsoft Word Integration.

  • Entry "Tagging" System - Lets you select and work with subsets of entries in far more flexible and sophisticated ways.

  • Aesthetic and Usability Improvements - New toolbar and menu icons.

  • New Localisations - French, Spanish, and Ciluba.

  • Completely Overhauled Search and Replace - Multi-list item search and replace functionality, 'use tags', 'use filters', replace one-by-one with confirmation, and recent search queries list.

  • Greatly Enhanced Statistics - Element 'details', frequency-sorted attribute values, characters-used statistics, element 'child patterns', total list item counts, font usage statistics, total child counts, and more.

  • New Query Filters - Inverse search filter, various cross-reference filters, new list item filters, element child count filters, filter on modified entries, and more.

  • Real-time Error/Validation Checks.

  • Compare/Merge Improvements - 'Merge restrictions' allow you to merge in only certain types of information selectively; 'Tag listed entries'.

  • Significantly overhauled Document Object Model (DOM) - Greater flexibility and better support for more complex and more advanced XML structures.

  • Many other changes, including: New samples; 'Show all fields' view option; Tree View 'Replace with'; Documentation improvements; Improved filter highlighting; Network / multi-user improvements; New small-caps formatting mark-up and other improved mark-up behaviour; New style options; 'Suggestion' list attributes (freely editable attribute but with drop-down value selection list); Search (F3) field occurrence breakdown and per-field search statistics and filters; 'Sampling' feature for integrated corpus query tool; Right-to-Left improvements; New "DTD Optimize" tool; 'Sort key override'; Scripting-based Filters - create any conceivable kind of filter search query; Scripting-based customisable Lemma Reversal.

Our Electronic Dictionary Publishing System has also seen improvements, while the tlTerm terminology management software included with the TshwaneLex Suite is also now available separately as a standalone application [Note, just a few days left of our special on tlTerm Standalone!]. We've also recently added a new, cheaper 'Personal License' purchasing option, as well as other new licensing options.


TshwaneLex is a professional, user-friendly, internationalized, fully customisable off-the-shelf software application for compiling dictionaries of all kinds and for all languages. It allows you to reduce dictionary production time and increase the quality and consistency of your dictionaries, and allows for the publishing of dictionaries in hardcopy, online and electronic formats.

Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: Northern Sotho and English / Pukuntšu ya Polelopedi ya Sekolo: Sesotho sa Leboa le Seisimane. E gatišitšwe ke OxfordIts many features include an integrated corpus query system, real-time preview, advanced styles, "smart cross-references", automated entry reversal, automated numbering and sorting, export to MS Word, InDesign and Quark, and multi-user support for managing teams. TshwaneLex supports virtually all of the world's languages, and is based on the industry standard XML.


TshwaneDJe produces various quality language content management tools. Customers include Oxford University Press, Pearson, Longman, Macmillan, the Spanish Royal National Academy of Medicine, Grupo Clarín (Argentina), the Welsh Language Board, the Department of Justice (Canada), the Malaysian Institute of Language and Literature, and more.

The company's growth is achieved by a strict focus on professionalism, world-class quality, and delivering a solid return on investment to customers.

Other products and services include electronic and online dictionary publishing, tools for translators, data conversion (e.g. MS Word to TshwaneLex/XML), support and training, and tlDatabase, a user-friendly database editor (to be released soon).

German Website Section

New German website section (Professionelle Lösungen zum Erstellen von Wörterbüchern)!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Spanish Product Information

New Spanish website section (Soluciones profesionales de lexicografía) and corresponding PDF brochure!

If you're interested in helping translate for any other languages, let us know - we can provide free copies of our software in exchange for translation work.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Northern Sotho - English Dictionary Nominated for Award

Our Oxford Northern Sotho - English Bilingual School Dictionary, as well as some other made-with-TshwaneLex dictionaries, have been nominated for a translation award that is presented SATI (the South African Translators Institute).

News on news

You can now also follow TshwaneDJe news on twitter:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Chinese Product Information

New Chinese (Simplified) product information brochure (专业的词典制作解决方案)!

We're keen to get more languages out - if you can help translate, let us know - we may provide free copies of our software in exchange for translations (either of marketing material, documentation, the website, or localizations of the interface of our software).

TshwaneLex on Linux

We've produced an internal build of TshwaneLex on Linux - see more screenshots here!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

TshwaneLex at AFRILEX 2009

New products and new features in the upcoming version 4 of the TshwaneLex Dictionary Writing System were successfully presented at AFRILEX 2009 at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa from 6 - 8 July 2009.