Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beta program news: New 'Web layout engine' option Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF3)

For those relatively more advanced users (of TLex) who don't mind trying out the latest ('bleeding-edge') changes, we have some important changes we would like some help testing. We have a 'beta' release line of the Windows version of TLex Suite that includes generally some of the newest changes not yet rolled into our 'official' builds ... these beta releases are linked at the bottom of the TLex Suite download page on our website. The latest beta version (version .1213 or higher) includes a new 'Web layout engine' ('HTML window provider') that we'd like early public testing on (this is the 'Web browser engine' that drives the Preview Area and various other windows within the software). The new Web layout engine is called CEF3 (Chromium Embedded Framework), and it's based on basically the same open source engine underlying the Chrome browser.

This should fix the small-caps display problem if using the wxWebkit option, and the 'invisible cursor' problem some users have if using the Internet Explorer option. It's also a generally more capable 'browser engine' that is going to allow us to add a lot more 'interesting' functionality in the Preview Area and elsewhere in the near future.

If you've installed the new beta version, CEF3 is not yet selected by default, so to test it out, run TLex (or tlTerm), select the menu option 'View / HTML window provider / CEF3', then restart TLex (or tlTerm). Ideally, that should be all you need to do - everything else should then just continue to work 'as is'. Please report any problems to us.

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