Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bagrut Lexicon - EFL Learner's Dictionary

The Bagrut Lexicon (by Geoff Toister, of GT-Lex) is a unique new EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learner's dictionary in which the entries are linked to practice exercises, on each pair of adjacent pages.
“Bagrut Lexicon is a 2,000 word EFL learner’s dictionary with all entries linked to sets of practice exercises. The words have been selected from a corpus of matriculation-level reading comprehension texts while the thought-provoking exercises are easy enough to ensure that most learners will complete them successfully. Bagrut Lexicon expands vocabulary, provides classroom-centered activities and is ideal for independent study. It may be ordered online from
The dictionary was created with our TLex Dictionary Compilation Software.
Bagrut Lexicon - EFL Learner's Dictionary (Dictionary on Left Pages, Exercises on Right)

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