Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Showcase: CD-ROM of the National Terminology Database for Irish

TshwaneDJe did the software development for the CD-ROM version of the National Terminology Database for Irish.
“The software can be run directly from the CD-ROM or installed on your computer. It enables you to search a copy of the terminology database while offline ... there is also a plug-in for ... Microsoft Word. This plug-in searches the CD-ROM automatically for terms which are typed or selected in a Word document.

• Bilingual interface
• Fast and powerful search that can deal with inflected forms, minor spelling errors, whole words or parts of words, single-word or multi-word terms, and more
• Alphabetical listing of terms
• Microsoft Word integration on Windows
• Runs from the CD-ROM or installable to hard drive
• Easy to update”
This was created using our Electronic Dictionary Publishing platform, which has also been used to create other products such as the Oxford South African School Dictionary CD-ROM, and we'll be announcing more new products in the near future created using this platform.

If you are interested in publishing your dictionary or terminology electronically and affordably, contact us.