Sunday, May 20, 2012

TLex 10th Birthday - Free Giveaways and Upgrades!

Happy Birthday
(Update 5 June 2012: Entries are now closed for the free software giveaways. The free TLex Suite 2012 upgrades will still apply.)

Monday 21 May 2012 marks 10 years since the first lines of code were laid down for the TLex Dictionary Compilation Software Suite (and thus, tlTerm, tlDatabase, tlCorpus). To celebrate this tenth "birthday", we are giving away the following free products and upgrades!

• 10x free TLex Suite (Lexicography) (full, unlimited version) apply here (TLex) »
• 10x free tlTerm Standalone (Terminology) apply here (tlTerm) »
• 10x free tlCorpus Standalone (Corpus Work) apply here (tlCorpus) »
• 10x free tlDatabase apply here (tlDatabase) »
• 10x free Swahili - English Electronic Dictionary apply here (SWAHILI) »
• 10x free Zulu - English Electronic Dictionary apply here (Zulu) »
• 10x free paperback 'Oxford Northern Sotho - English / English - Northern Sotho Dictionary (South Africans only) apply here (N. Sotho) »

(Applications close at midnight on Sunday 27 May 2012, GMT. Anyone may apply, including businesses.  See below for conditions *.)

Free Upgrade for ALL USERS to TLex Suite 2012

We also hereby pre-announce the upcoming TLex Suite 2012, and we will in the near future be giving away automatic free upgrades to version 2012 for ALL existing TLex (TshwaneLex), tlTerm, tlDatabase and tlCorpus users!

(Please feel free to continue buying from our online store - even though it currently still says 'version 2010', do not worry, you will be upgraded for free to version 2012!)

This will help clear up some of the "which version am I on?" confusion experienced by some users, and simplify the downloading and upgrading experience.

Please note that TLex Suite 2012 will be capable of loading dictionary database files from ALL older versions of TLex / TshwaneLex.

To obtain your free upgrade (NB: NOT AVAILABLE YET - this will be rolled out in the coming months), simply use the "Help/Check for updates" menu option as usual - once your license gets upgraded on our system, it should thereafter automatically redirect you to version 2012. Your existing 9-digit licenses numbers will still be applicable. (If you don't know your 9-digit license number, please use this form or contact us.)

Improvements in Version 2012

Improvements in version 2012 include performance and reliability improvements to the ODBC multi-user support, Mac ODBC support, a new 'Copy field' feature, 'Watch Folders' for auto-importing, various new command-line parameters for more advanced application control and scripting, new error checks, improvements to the Character Tool, and more. Improvements to tlCorpus include support for HTML files, Microsoft Word and PDF files (Windows-only), and various additional new commands. (See the changelog for more details.)

* Giveaway Conditions:
  • The 'Oxford Northern Sotho - English / English - Northern Sotho Bilingual Dictionary' offer is only available for South Africans (you must supply a physical address). The free copies are '1st revision'.
  • You may enter in multiple categories (e.g. for both tlTerm and TLex Suite).
  • Maximum one entry per category allowed.
  • Entries will be selected at random, but final discretion lies with TshwaneDJe. No correspondence will be entered into in this regard.
  • Software licenses given away under this promotion have no free support included.
  • You must provide all necessary contact details.

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