Friday, September 9, 2022

20th Anniversity Special

TLex is 20 years old this year!

SPECIAL: Until end September you can get a 20% discount on our software (TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase, dictionaries) by using coupon code "tsep2022" if ordered through THIS order page:

Here's to 20 more

Friday, December 31, 2021

Monterey on Apple M1 releases of TLex, tlCorpus, tlTerm, tlDatabase, tlReader

 TLex, tlCorpus, tlTerm on Monterey on Apple M1 🙂

Monterey macOS users can download our Monterey release (for Monterey Macs on Apple M1 processors) via this link (also for tlDatabase, tlReader):

(Click the link for 'Monterey M1' if your Mac is M1-based, or if your Mac is Intel-based click the 'macOS11 Intel' link. If you're not sure if your Mac is Intel or M1-based, click the Apple menu logo, select "About This Mac" and check the "Chip".)

TLex on Monterey on Apple M1 with the Australian National Dictionary (a large, wonderfully done dictionary of Australianisms, full of interesting colloquialisms and historical citations)

Note this special new release (v3046 or higher) is built directly for Apple M1 processors & shouldn't need Apple's Rosetta virtualization to run, so Mac users on M1 can get the most performance-wise from their M1.

This is in addition to our normal Mac release line, i.e. we have both our current official Intel-based Mac release AND new M1 (ARM) release, alongside each other.

In future we may either combine these into a single download ("Universal" version), or we might continue to maintain two separate downloads (for M1/ARM, and Intel/Rosetta).

In principle, our Intel-based official download should run automatically under Apple's Rosetta, though on Monterey it has a problem, which this new release should solve - if you're on Monterey on M1, use this new release - if not, use the normal official Mac download.

Please report any problems, suggestions or other feedback, and please let us know if you experience any other compatibility problems (e.g. with Monterey on Intel or other operating system versions like Big Sur). Also let us know if it does work for you.

Always back up your data before trying new versions.

tlCorpus corpus software on Monterey on Apple M1 with Arabic (subtitles corpus)

TLex lexicography software (Mac Monterey version running on Apple M1), showing the WAT (Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal - a beautiful massive Afrikaans dictionary being edited in TLex)

tlCorpus on Monterey on Apple M1 with Hebrew (subtitles corpus)

Our applications support all languages and run on Mac and Windows. Find out now how they can help you with creating, editing, managing, analyzing, or publishing or distributing your language or other data and projects at:

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Version 2020 released of TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus, tlDatabase (with 64-bit support)

Version 2020 is now available of TLex Suite (Lexicography Software), tlTerm (Terminology Software), tlCorpus, tlDatabase and tlReader.

This release includes leading new features like 64-bit support in both Windows and macOS, offering scalability with the ability to load massive termbases like IATE EU TBX-format terminology - nearly a million entries/concepts, with many millions of terms, which tlTerm can import with its TBX importer.

The new 64-bit support also helps TLex more easily work with massive dictionary projects, e.g. historical or encyclopedic dictionaries, as it unlocks the full system memory for use in the application.

The new macOS release is also compatible with the new (64-bit) macOS Catalina.

Version 2020 also includes many performance improvements to help speed up working with very large terminology databases, dictionaries or translation memories, and includes a TMX importer to help view or search Translation Memory data.

Watch tlTerm easily load a ~2GB termbase in this how-to video, where we load the IATE downloadable TBX (TermBase eXchange) data containing millions of EU terminology terms. We only make this look easy.

Click here to download a trial version »

Watch on YouTube:

See our ChangeLog for a more detailed list of new features:

Sunday, April 29, 2018

How to Set Up Spellchecking in TLex, tlTerm, tlDatabase

 Video Tutorial: How to set up the integrated spell-checker in TLex, tlTerm or tlDatabase:

  Please note this spellchecking feature requires you to be updated to the end-March 2018 or later versions. Updating is free for all existing users.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Update available with new features for TLex, tlTerm: XLIFF, TMX, spellchecking, Excel import

Our Easter Update for TLex (lexicography), tlTerm (terminology software), tlDatabase (any kind of data), tlCorpus (concordance software) is now officially available.

New features include integrated spell-checking (Windows-only for now), a new Preview Area toolbar, Excel importer, TMX mode (open and view Translation Memory eXchange documents), XLIFF mode (open and view XML Localisation Interchange File Format documents), 'generic XML mode' in which one can open any XML document, bulk-import/convert data from TMX or XLIFF to tlTerm, a new extensions system, and more right-to-left (Arabic/Hebrew/Yiddish etc.) improvements.

Video of What's New in the Feb+Mar 2018 updates (and, a sneak preview of some new functionality for a future update):

We have also posted several new tutorial videos, including one showing briefly how to set up the spell-checking, and a new general 'Getting Started with tlTerm' tutorial video.

Note we also have a (very) informal development live-stream where you can check out development.

All existing users may update for free. To try it out, just update the usual way, e.g. 'Help/Check for updates' etc. (unless you're on a special version of TLex). If your version number under Help/About ends in .2000 or higher, you have the Easter Update. Send us any feedback or bug reports.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Valentine's Day Software Update ❤ Coming Up

We're preparing a new 'Valentine's Day Update' ❤ 💾 (to be released 14 February*) that adds extra new features for version 2018 of tlTerm #terminology software, TLex #lexicography software etc.

* This has now been released - the release announcement is here: Valentine's Day Software Update 2018

The screenshot shows upgraded Microsoft Word integration functionality, new Excel integration, and also shows (in the new Multi-Document Smart-Search), amongst others, auto-searching in TMX files (Translation Memory eXchange, here using EU science hub open TMX files for demonstration purposes) and TBX/XLIFF files, and also shows the OERTB 11-lingual South African Open Educational Resource TermBank within tlTerm.

(This potentially allows, for example, a TLex/tlTerm user to 'at their fingertips' access and see search results from within large Translation Memory's like the downloadable EU TMX data, while they work, either from within TLex/tlTerm or the Word/Excel plugin popup window. You can also e.g. load in your organization's own Translation Memory's or e.g. XLIFF or TBX (TermBase eXchange) data to this 'Multi-Document Smart-Search'.)

TLex/tlTerm users will be able to get the update by simply using the usual methods for installing updates (e.g. the "Help/Check for updates" menu.)

Watch this video for a 6-minute overview of tlTerm (and effectively TLex also):

If you have questions, please contact us.

To purchase, click here:

To try the software, click here:

Video explaining the main difference between TLex and tlTerm:


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Right-to-left Language Support Notice (Arabic, Hebrew etc.)

Right-to-left Language Support (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) in TLex, tlTerm, tlDatabase: Please note we are currently making several changes/improvements/fixes re RTL language support, please contact us if you have any issues or need support/assistance getting it working.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Version 2018 of TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus and tlDatabase Released (and January Promotion)

We're pleased to announce Version 2018 of TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus and tlDatabase have been released 🙂 
See the ChangeLog on our website for what's new, or download a trial version from our website.

We're also running from 1 Jan until 31 January 2018 only a 15% discount promotion - NB, this is unfortunately for SHAREIT orders only, use coupon code V2018JAN on the ShareIt order form (i.e. if you go to our website at and then click through at the big step "1" and use the ShareIt shopping cart).

Sunday, September 24, 2017

TermNet Membership

We are pleased to announce that we are now a member of TermNet, the International Network for Terminology. See our tlTerm page for more information about our terminology-related software/services; we have also created numerous online terminology websites, as well as terminology Apps for iOS and Android (Play Store).

tlTerm is the terminology "cousin" to our TLex lexicography software; below is a short introductory video:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Volume License Discounts

New volume license (bulk purchase) discounts are now available for the following products: TLex, tlTerm, tlCorpus and tlDatabase. Click here for more details: