Monday, November 17, 2014

Showcase: Bohan Polish - Chinese / Chinese - Polish Dictionary "Made with TLex"

Another "made with TLex" dictionary:

Bohan Polish - Chinese (Chińsko - Polski) Dictionary »

"The biggest and the fastest developing Polish-Chinese and Chinese-Polish Dictionary" - this dictionary contains over 55,000 entries.

The online dictionary user interface, created by Bohan, features site localization (the website is available in Polish, Chinese and English), smart "responsive" web page design for mobile, auto-suggest, Chinese character animations, the ability to be embedded in other websites, and more.

Bohan, located in Poland, are a reseller of TshwaneDJe software, and also offer publishing services, translation and localization services, consulting in relation with website design and creation, and general services and support in relation with the TLex dictionary editing software.