Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Showcase: Oxford South African School Dictionary 3e: CD-ROM

We recently completed the development of the CD-ROM edition of the 'Oxford South African School Dictionary: 3rd Edition' for OUP. Features include:

• Colour illustrations and videos
• Listen to correct audio pronunciations of words, and record and play back your own pronunciation to hear the difference
• Find the meaning of a word even if you can't spell it
• Comprehensive activities (various exercises and games)
• An 'AutoFind' popup that automatically displays the entries for words while you read or write documents, emails or while you browse the Web

It was created using the TLex Electronic Dictionary Publishing software framework. The hardcopy edition was also created using the TLex Dictionary Compilation system. Contact us if you would like to see your own dictionary published this way!

Click here for more screenshots »

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