Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Zulu - English Dictionary, Based On IsiZulu.net

TshwaneDJe now brings you a new Electronic Zulu - English Dictionary that is an offline version of the isiZulu.net Online Zulu - English dictionary. This is a software dictionary that can be installed on your computer.

The dictionary contains around 9,700 Zulu - English entries, and includes advanced Zulu compound-word "smart search" technology, allowing you to search for compound forms such as "sizobanqoba" and getting a breakdown of the component morphemes and search results for each (e.g. "si-zo-ba-nqoba") without requiring grammatical knowledge of the compound word formation - this is a major boon to learners of Zulu, as this area is one of the major challenges for novices. The dictionary also includes a search tool that integrates directly with Microsoft Word, providing immediate search results as you work. Try the dictionary now »

The dictionary was created using our Electronic Dictionary Publishing System. Authors of other works who are interested in publishing in this manner should contact us.

This will be the first of two interesting Zulu-related announcements from us; watch this space for the second one soon.


  1. I am very interested in a offline Zulu English Dictionary for Mac. Is there any sign of this in the near future.

    1. Hi, we do have plans for this, but probably not 'in the near future' - but please do keep an eye out, we'll announce it on the blog, as well as on the above-linked site itself, when it is available.