Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Showcase: Oxford Practical Teaching Chemistry Lab Guide CD

Another product developed by us, the CD-ROM for the Oxford Practical Teaching Chemistry Lab Guide. This product, which is one of a series, is aimed at Natural Sciences and Physical Sciences teachers.

Monday, December 27, 2010

tlDatabase 2011 Beta now available

tlDatabase 2011 pre-release is now officially available! tlDatabase brings the power of the TLex editor to other types of data.

We're accepting beta sign-ups here.

We expect similar announcements soon for tlCorpus 2011, tlTerm 2011 and TLex Suite 2011, on which development is already progressing quickly; stay tuned.

Just a reminder also that purchases for tlDatabase and tlCorpus will automatically be upgraded through to versions 2012.

We've also made further improvements to our activation system; activating software should henceforth be much simpler.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nederlandse woorden wereldwijd

Another new 'Made with TLex' dictionary:

'Nederlandse woorden wereldwijd', Created by Nicoline van der Sijs and her team.

For more examples of dictionaries created with TLex, see our showcase.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

TLex Suite 2010, tlTerm 2010 and tlCorpus 2010 Released

Please see our website for more details on information in this news release.

October 14, 2010: TLex Suite 2010, tlTerm 2010 and tlCorpus 2010 Released

The latest version of our widely recognized dictionary and terminology compilation software, TLex Suite 2010, is now available. This is the fifth major release of our software line, and includes TLex (TshwaneLex), tlCorpus 2010 and tlTerm 2010. Our Electronic Publishing (CD-ROM/Web) software has also been updated extensively.
See below for a more detailed summary of new features. tlDatabase 2010 is also now available, which brings the power of the TLex core editor to any type of data.

TLex Suite 2010 includes tlCorpus and tlTerm, or these may be purchased separately. (SPECIAL OFFER: All customers who purchase tlCorpus 2010 (Standalone) will receive a free upgrade to tlCorpus 2011 next year.)

Translation Services

We offer professional translation services for all major world languages, as well as proofreading, editing, transcription and localization. You can use our website form to quickly get quotes.

New Localizations

tlReader is now available in Polish, Chinese (thanks to Bohan for these), French, and Spanish. TLex is also now available in Irish (thanks to Kevin Scannell for this beta localization).

tlTranslate Translation Memory

Coming soon, tlTranslate 2010 Translation Memory Software: We are currently soliciting beta testers, please see our website if you want to sign up. This Computer-Assisted Translation product supports the industry standards TMX and XLIFF.

Other News

New Oxford Zulu - English / English - Zulu Bilingual Dictionary: In partnership with Oxford University Press, we successfully compiled this new fully corpus-driven dictionary (De Schryver, G-M; ISBN 978-0-19-576554-0). The dictionary is already selling well. Naturally, it was created using TLex.

New Electronic Zulu - English Dictionary: This dictionary (which is incidentally unrelated to the Oxford one) includes advanced Zulu compound-word "smart search" technology, and, as with all our electronic dictionaries, also integrates with Microsoft Word. The dictionary is available from our website.

Summary of New Features

New Features Of TLex Include: A specialised new "auto-sound/image linking" tool allows you to rapidly link thousands of sound, image or video files to their corresponding entries all at once, based on configurable naming conventions. Other new features include video file support, a 'show
' tool, word count tool, shortcut keys for Lua script-based "macros", a 'field mask' that allows you to easily hide selected fields for exporters, new error checks, extensive and detailed new statistics functionality, and new filters. The RTF export includes a new option to split the output into alphabetic sections. Character Info now includes a new
'search by name' field. There are new data manipulation tools such as a 'split field' function that allows you to split attributes at a given text string (e.g. comma) into multiple elements. The integrated Corpus (F6) tool includes many improvements, as well as new features such as a 'wordlist' command and new sorting

Our Electronic Publishing systems have also seen major improvements, and have been used to publish some major CD-ROM and Web dictionaries, including the prestigious new online dictionary website for the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal ('The Dictionary of the Afrikaans Langage'; a large multi-volume
work spanning nearly 200,000 entries and over 8,000 pages in print), and Pharos Dictionaries Online, which consists of some 580,000 entries across 20 titles. These projects also demonstrate that TLex can readily cope with both very large databases, and highly complex data. Amongst the latest new features are advanced multi-title support, search query scoring/ranking, search auto-completion 'suggester', more
advanced user and subscription management and IP-based authentication, and advanced search queries with boolean
, and support for cellphone-based versions.

tlCorpus 2010 is fully internationalized, can intelligently take advantage of modern multi-core computers to get the best possible performance out of them, and is also capable of handling very large files/corpora. It also features functionality for
auto-detection of languages and encodings to help simplify setup. tlCorpus is also BCP-47-aware. It can also intelligently adapt its sentence-detection routines based on the detected language (e.g. supporting Greek end-sentence punctuation rules).

tlTerm 2010 includes support for the latest standards-based BCP 47 language codes, and also includes an importer for TBX (TermBase eXchange format) files.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

tlReader Now Also Available In Polish!

tlReader, our free viewer application for TLex, tlTerm and tlDatabase files, is now also available in Polish, in addition to Chinese, French, Cilubà, English and Spanish. Thanks again to Bohan for this translation.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tlTerm 5 now available. Free upgrade for tlTerm 4 users.

tlTerm 5 Standalone (pre-release) is now available. tlTerm brings many of the powerful features of our TLex Dictionary Production Software to terminology/glossary compilation, and includes tools to help translators, such as Microsoft Word Integration. (Try Now »; Buy Now »)

All users of tlTerm 4 Standalone will automatically receive a free upgrade to tlTerm 5 Standalone.

New features of tlTerm 5 include improved TBX compatibility (the industry standard TermBase eXchange format), improvements to the integrated corpus tool, many new advanced document statistics functions, an advanced Word Count tool, an improved Character Information Tool, a 'Show Whitespace' function, numerous new Filters, and more.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New 'Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal' ('Dictionary of the Afrikaans Language') Online Dictionary Website!

Last month we completed and launched the new online dictionary website for the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (Elektroniese WAT Aanlyn). This huge work contains nearly 200,000 entries, spans 13 volumes covering letters A to R, and is also available in CD-ROM and hardcopy formats.

Following is the announcement from the WAT's Facebook Page:

Nuwe internetweergawe van die Elektroniese WAT (11 Junie 2010)
Die gebruikers van die Elektroniese WAT op die internet sou op Dinsdag 8 Junie 2010 gesien het dat ons woordeboek nou effens anders lyk as die afgelope sewe jaar.

Die Folio Views-sagteware waarmee die Elektroniese WAT oorspronklik in 2003 geprogrammeer is, word nie meer ondersteun nie. Die maatskappy TshwaneDJe Human Language Technology het die data vir ons omgesit na die TLex Online Dictionary Publishing System (kort vir TshwaneLex Online Dictionary Publishing System). Dit beteken dat nie net die inhoud van die Elektroniese WAT trots Suid-Afrikaans is nie, maar ook die program waarmee soektogte daarin gedoen kan word!

Die huidige intekenaars word nie geraak deur hierdie veranderinge in die agtergrond van die Elektroniese WAT nie. Hulle intekening gaan gewoon voort.

Kontak ons gerus ... met kommentaar

English Translation:

New Version of the Online WAT Website (11 June 2010)
As of 8 June 2010, users of the Electronic WAT may have noticed that the dictionary now looks a bit different than it looked for the past seven years.

The Folio Views software used to build the original Electronic WAT in 2003 is no longer supported. The company TshwaneDJe Human Language Technology converted the data to the TLex Online Dictionary Publishing System (short for TshwaneLex Online Dictionary Publishing System). This means that not only are the contents of the Electronic WAT 'proudly South African', but also the software for using the dictionary!

Existing subscribers will not be affected by these changes taking place in the background.

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments.

More new features for the site are 'coming soon'.

Monday, July 5, 2010

We'll be at EURALEX 2010

We'll be at EURALEX 2010 (6 to 10 July). We'll be represented by Prof. Gilles-Maurice de Schryver; please pay a visit if you'd like to see our software (for dictionary production and publication, and more) or learn more about what we can offer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary IsiZulu and English Now Available

In partnership with Oxford University Press, we have created the first major new bilingual Zulu - English Dictionary in 40 years!

Compilation of the dictionary was led by Prof Dr Gilles-Maurice de Schryver.

The dictionary, which is fully corpus-driven, was created using the TLex Dictionary Compilation Software.

Note that this dictionary is complementary to, and not related to, our electronic version of the isiZulu.net dictionary.

TLex 5 Beta Now Available

We are currently signing up beta testers for TLex 5, the next version of our industry-leading Dictionary Writing System (aka TshwaneLex). Beta testers may get a free copy of the software. The program is open to anyone interested. You can apply online by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Zulu - English Dictionary, Based On IsiZulu.net

TshwaneDJe now brings you a new Electronic Zulu - English Dictionary that is an offline version of the isiZulu.net Online Zulu - English dictionary. This is a software dictionary that can be installed on your computer.

The dictionary contains around 9,700 Zulu - English entries, and includes advanced Zulu compound-word "smart search" technology, allowing you to search for compound forms such as "sizobanqoba" and getting a breakdown of the component morphemes and search results for each (e.g. "si-zo-ba-nqoba") without requiring grammatical knowledge of the compound word formation - this is a major boon to learners of Zulu, as this area is one of the major challenges for novices. The dictionary also includes a search tool that integrates directly with Microsoft Word, providing immediate search results as you work. Try the dictionary now »

The dictionary was created using our Electronic Dictionary Publishing System. Authors of other works who are interested in publishing in this manner should contact us.

This will be the first of two interesting Zulu-related announcements from us; watch this space for the second one soon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

tlReader Now In Chinese And Other Languages!

tlReader, our free viewer application for TLex and tlTerm dictionaries and termbases, can now be used in Chinese!

Thanks for the translation goes to the Bohan Foundation, who are working in cooperation with Beijing Foreign Studies University.

This release also includes initial translations of tlReader into French (thanks to Jacky Maniacky), Spanish (thanks to Dr. Ignacio Navascués), and Cilubà (thanks to Prof. N.S. Kabuta).

We offer free copies of our software to users in exchange for translating the software into new languages - please contact us if you are interested!

tlCorpus Beta Available!

We are currently signing up beta testers for tlCorpus, our new standalone concordance software application. Beta testers will get a free copy of the software. The program is open to anyone interested. You can apply online by clicking here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newly Revamped 'Pharos Dictionaries Online' Website

We are pleased to announce the recent completion of the new Pharos Dictionaries Online website:

This impressive and useful resource contains over 580,000 entries spanning 20 titles, and is a 'must-have' for translators and other language specialists working with Afrikaans. The website was developed by TshwaneDJe using the TLex Dictionary Production System and our Online Dictionary Publishing system for Pharos Dictionaries, a division of NB Publishers (Media24, Naspers).

The website is fully localized into both English and Afrikaans, and includes the following titles:

Frasewoordeboek/Phrase Dictionary
Klassieke Eiename/Classical Names
Groot Tesourus van Afrikaans
Groot Woordeboek/Major Dictionary
New Words/Nuwe Woorde
Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek
Classical Names
Eiendomsekonomie/Property Economics
Bouwoordeboek / Building Dictionary
Ekonomiese en Bedryfswoordeboek/Dictionary of Economics and Business
Oseanologiewoordeboek/Dictionary of Oceanology
Wiskundewoordeboek/Mathematics Dictionary
SA Musiekwoordeboek / SA Music Dictionary
New Business Dictionary/Nuwe Sakewoordeboek
Polisiewoordeboek/Police Dictionary
Tegniese Woordeboek/Technical Dictionary
Teater-TV-Radio-Rolprentwoordeboek/Theatre-TV-Radio-Film Dictionary
Verklarende Biologiewoordeboek
Woordeboek van Regs- en Handelsterme

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Translation and Other Language Services: New Division

We are now able to offer professional translation services, as well as other language services, including interpreting, proofreading, localization and transcription:

TshwaneDJe Language Services »

Immediately, these are available for English and Afrikaans (translation in both directions); we plan to add many more languages (worldwide) soon.

Freelance translators and other language service providers that are interested in offering their services to us can contact us here. We are particularly interested in translators with a focus on quality.

We are excited to be launching this new division in our growing company; these new offerings are complementary to our language software business.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Kalenjin - English Dictionary!

We are pleased to announce the publication online and electronically of the 'Kalenjin - English Dictionary' (Samburtaab Ng’aleekaab Kaleenchin):


It is also available in hardcopy.

The dictionary contains over 13,000 entries. The electronic version includes our Microsoft Word Integration functionality, allowing you to instantly see the results of a dictionary search for the word you are standing on as you work.

The author of the dictionary is Dr. Kipnyango Seroney. The TLex Online and Electronic professional publishing solutions were used to publish the online and electronic versions.

Monday, March 22, 2010

tlDatabase Beta Testing Program Now Open!

We are now signing up beta testers for tlDatabase, our XML-based database software for editing any kind of structured content in a user-friendly way. The goal behind tlDatabase is to bring much of the power that TLex brings to dictionary editing, into other arenas.

Beta testers will obtain a free license of the software. The program is open to anybody who is interested, and there is no cost involved. You can apply online by clicking here.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Jarai - English Dictionary!

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 'Preliminary Jarai - English Dictionary', in online and electronic formats:


The dictionary was created by Lap Minh Siu. It has been published using the TshwaneDJe Online and Electronic professional publishing solutions, and joins our growing complement of other dictionaries published using these systems.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TLex Suite released for Mac!

TLex Suite (TLex + tlTerm) for the Mac is now available!

NHN Day 2010

We're presently attending and exhibiting at NHN Day 2010, at the CSIR in Pretoria! (NHN = National HLT Network)

Monday, January 18, 2010

tlReader released for Mac!

tlReader (the free viewer application for TLex and tlTerm dictionary and terminology files) is now available for the Mac!

Our other products will be available for the Mac soon. A beta TLex for Mac is also already available; contact us if you are interested.